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24sbar6 ENTERTAINMENT is also a full service event planning/concierge services for those who like to paint the town. Some of the most A-list spots across the US are on our menu. Let us know what night you’d like to go out – and in what major city — we’ll have a list at the door. Its that easy. Make sure to RSVP for special events via rsvp at 246ent.com. Please subscribe to our email list to stay abreast of any and all of the  official 246 entertainment line up that changes frequently:

*Great crowds, no cover all night
*Come by our table!

*9077 Santa Monica Blvd

*House music and NEW DJs every week
*Take a limo with us!
*7080 Hollywood Blvd

*Hot, BRAND NEW Venue!!
*The old Republic
*650 N La Cienega Blvd

SATURDAY #1: Hwood
*HUUUUGE venue, all levels
*Come by our table right on the dance floor!
*1738 N Orange Dr

SATURDAY #2: Kress
*Rooftop partying every week!, no door drama
*HOT crowd, amazing spot!
*6608 Hollywood Blvd



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